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Woodchip and mulch supplies

Woodchips and mulch are an incredibly simple yet effective way to enhance the look and add protection to your garden. With years of experience in our field, we can confidently advise which materials will best suit your project and provide you with high quality, responsibly sourced supplies.

Uses and benefits of woodchip

Woodchip is an incredibly versatile material. By sprinkling a thick layer of organic matter across your soil, chips act as a highly effective mulching material, which helps to keep weeds at bay, adds protection and allows the soil to retain moisture and nutrients. We provide our customers with premium woodchip, which is also perfect for play areas, paths and garden borders

Responsible use

We promote the use and recycling of woodchip at each project site where possible. If we ever have extra woodchip, or recycling isn’t possible on a project, we alternatively use local stables and farms to unload the chip, allowing it to become part of the bio-waste system. We care about working in a responsible, sustainable manner and this method is the most environmentally friendly option within our industry. 

Topsoil supplies

We can also supply quality topsoil which can be used for the upper layer of your garden. Unlike compost, topsoil is formed over time as organic matter and minerals accumulate. It’s the perfect material for adding bulk matter to raised beds, flower beds or garden beds.


Gravel and stone aggregate are a popular choice in gardens for drainage and flood protection. The small stones allow water to run through into the ground rather than flooding across a surface. This makes them perfect to install around beds or pond edges. Stone aggregate can also help to control weeds, or can be installed for decorative purposes to create garden paths and borders. Alternatively, we also supply type one aggregate, which is made from recycled crushed concrete and rubble, making it ideal for road surfaces and pathways. If you’re unsure which is best for you, we have over a decade of experience and will happily offer advice.

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Cantellow Tree Surgery has been offering sustainably sourced wood chip and mulch across Swansea and South Wales for more than a decade. When you buy from our team, you’ll know that it’s been ethically sourced and meets our very high standards.


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