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Tree Reduction and Pruning

If neglected, trees can easily become overgrown, unstable and dangerous – both to people and to properties. Reduction and pruning is the key to keeping your tree in a healthy, attractive condition. Our qualified team, with over a decade of experience behind them, can meet any of your arborist needs and keep your trees in great condition.

Why reduce a tree?

Tree reduction involves cutting back the plant’s canopy and giving it a better shape and structure. By removing the outer crown of the tree, more light can get to the rest of it, which will encourage healthier growth and improve its overall appearance. It can be tempting to cut a tree back too much, which could cause more harm than good. That’s why getting a qualified team of experts to undertake the work is essential. 

From small residential gardens, to large-scale commercial sites, maintaining the health of the tree and encouraging safe growth is always our top priority. 

Why prune a tree?

Pruning a tree involves removing any unnecessary branches. This restructuring will give the tree better stability, may steer it away from properties and other obstructions, and encourages much healthier growth. 

Removing any dead, decaying and unwanted branches will also keep your tree looking attractive. However, if done hastily, or by someone that isn’t qualified, pruning can cause irreversible damage, so call us on 07891 813981 and get the expert advise you and your tree really need.

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Cantellow Tree Surgery has been operating in Swansea and the South of Wales for more than a decade. We’ve carried out a vast amount of tree reduction and pruning tasks on sites of all shapes and sizes. When you work with our team you’ll know you’re working with experts with extensive experience in the field.


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