Our team

Cantellow Tree Surgery consists of a small yet dynamic team of hjghly skilled, committed, and vastly experienced arborists

Robin Cantellow


Proprietor of Cantellow Tree Surgery - Climbing Arborist





Having spent 10 years building up Cantellow Tree Surgery, Robin has acquired a wealth of onsite experience within the arboricultural sector. With responsibilities ranging from day-to-day running of the company to personally carrying out advanced tree work, Robin can have a hugely varied week.


From vast tree dismantles requiring depth of skill and experience to networking with clients and contractors all over the UK, Robin ensures that all branches of the business operate smoothly and run to the extremely high standards he demands on a daily basis. 


In his downtime, he takes enjoyment from walking his dog Trigger around the Gower. 





Gavin Thomas


Climber/ Groundsman - Arborist







Gavin is a focused and driven professional, handling jobs efficiently and safely from start to finish. He is a key member of the team and it is a privilege to have him alongside us.




He is due to start his aeriel rigging course which will teach him to be able to dismantle large and technically-demanding tree work.



Elliot Jones


Climber/ Groundsman - Arborist








Having left the Navy after five years of service, Elliot has taken every aspect of his millitary life - particularly his dedicated service and discipline-orientated values - and applied them to his work in the arboricultural industry


Elliot's climbing ability in particular has developed exponentially in the relatively short space of time that comprises his career with the company.


In his personal life, Elliot spends much of his time surfing and also enjoying long walks with his two dogs.








Chris Hall


Climber/ Groundsman - Arborist







Chris is our newest recruit to join us at Cantellow Tree Surgery.


Having flown through his courses with excellence, he has quickly become an indispensable asset to our team


Chris enjoys spending his spare time researching and learning new climbing techniques, maintaining his physical fitness, and spending time outdoors




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