I cut down a bush and quite a lot of a tree, and ended up with tonnes of garden waste, far too much to deal with on my own. I called Robin and asked if they could help take it away and he said he’d swing by and give a quote. The quote seemed really reasonable to take everything away, and to also tidy the tree up a bit. Later I asked if he would take off quite a bit more of the tree, but do it in such a way that it would leave some shade and keep the shape of the tree. My instructions were a bit vague, but I left it to his expertise and experience. I come home later that day to find the place immaculate, and the tree cut beautifully. Cost of job was very good. This was remarkable work and I really feel this company deserves the recognition for what kind of quality they offer at really, really reasonable rates. I figured the job was worth at least £100 but they didn’t charge this. Absolutely awesome.

Matthew Maxwell-Carr